Postpartum depression

How to support pre and post natal periods?

Postpartum Depression happens to one out of 4 mothers after birth and is to be diagnosed between 13 days to the third year of the child. It is sometimes a dormant symptom where even the family circle or friends one or the mother herself is denying the situation.

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What are the signs and symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety ?

The mother often feels helpless and guilty. She is exhausted, unhappy, often cries and finds herself alone or isolates herself. She can also think that she is in a dead end situation

It is essential to early diagnose the depression which can also damage the baby’s brain and behavior. Connection between mother and infant is really important, at an early stage, and has been confirmed by the development of Neurosciences.

Making the decision to open up to a mental health professional is a better decision than to fall into depression or fatigue that can be long to recover from.

Don’t wait for a consultation if you don’t feel all right with your infant, even for one session.

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