What is maternology ?

The psychological aspect of maternity is a seldom notion: who would question the fact of being a good mother? It is questionable as, nowadays, 10% to 15% of women, giving birth, go through maternal difficulties which can lead to Post-Partum Depression.

A psychological aspect of maternity was missing which could lean on clinical observations to elaborate a theory on which one could see the effects in therapy. This is how a new medical approach, maternology, defines itself as: A better understanding of the neural mechanisms that regulate the motivational aspects of maternal behavior can help to increase awareness of the importance of the early maternal/parental-infant interaction as well as to identify possible biological factors that underlie anomalies in human maternal behavior.

Post-Partum Depression, one the most famous maternal difficulty, may happen one month to 3 years after birth. The Baby blues which is also a sensitive period after birth, lasts 3 days to 12 days after birth.

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When to think of a session for maternity problem?

Before getting pregnant, some women or couples question the fact of having or not a baby, mostly if some painful experiences, as miscarriages, happened in the past. It is always beneficial to address the question of having a baby.

To know more about the supporting of pre and post natal periods
While a mother is pregnant, anxieties, adequate behaviors can be addressed when problems occur such as complications, repeated controls, and physical abnormalities.

After birth, also, some women don’t connect with the new born and the bonding is to build. It is essential to intervene soon after birth when connection doesn’t happen. Neurosciences confirm the fact that the newborn’s brain and his caretaker’s one need to be in sync. If the new baby does not feel the connection with his/her caretaker, his development could be at stake.

Psychotherapy during the pregnancy

Natal period goes from the 6th month of pregnancy to one week after birth. During this period, the mother or the couple can meet difficult moments with the new born.

For a single mother, worries, depression, sadness can occur and it is vital to ask for help to a mental health professional.

For a couple, pregnancy, and sometimes the birth of an infant unbalance the relationship and a break up may occur. In this particular case, a lot of things are at stake and reestablishing dialogue, before taking any decision, is important.

It is always beneficial to take energetic actions to find a third party who will help the couple to address the issue.

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