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Fonctionnement : 

  • You can stop therapy at any time as long as one or two sessions are booked on the subject itself. It is strongly recommended not to stop by SMS, email or without canceling the appointment.
  • Sessions can be weekly or three times per month
  • Cancellation needs to be made before 48 hours - on a weekday - otherwise the session remains due

Individual therapies

Working on oneself requires going through the understanding of what happens in life. Weekly or biweekly sessions are scheduled to go into the therapeutically process. A 3 session’s protocol, at the very start of the work, allows the therapist and the client to see if there is a good match between them. There is no therapy without therapist and choosing the right one is indispensable. If the protocol of theses 3 sessions is positive, then a tacit agreement is made.

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Couple therapies

Both partners, in couple therapy, need to be committed as the objective is to reestablish dialogue, where it stopped.

Some couples foresee a split and the therapist, then, can question the decision. If the decision is bound to happen, the therapist can support the couple in the process.

Other couples face sterility and the difficulties of pregnancy can happen. It is valuable to find a secure place with the therapist to go through these upheavals.

Finally, some other couples go through crisis, due to love affairs and need to reestablish dialogue and trust. It is a mature process that can supported by a therapist also.

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Les thérapies individuelles

Le courant existentiel humaniste est né fin des années 50 aux États Unis et est un modèle psychothérapeutique qui croit que chaque personne peut développer des aptitudes à choisir les options qui se présentent à elle et devenir libre. Parmi ce courant existentiel se trouve la gestalt thérapie. Son fondateur s’appelait Fritz Perls-1893-1970- et a développé la gestalt thérapie avec son épouse Laura Posner Perls. Il existe aujourd’hui plusieurs instituts dans le monde qui enseignent cette psychothérapie.

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