Why am I obsessed by my appearance ?

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Several factors influence the way women feel about their bodies, but the standards we’re given are often unachievable targets.

For the majority of women, the fact of the matter is—and will always be—that it’s impossible to look like models or movie stars.

Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves that they spend most of their time doing things to alter or upkeep their bodies. Not to mention, the photos we see of them are almost always touched up in Photoshop—in real life, they look much less “perfect.”

In the last century, women have started becoming skinnier and skinnier. Before then, the ideal female body was plump and full, while many current models are teetering on dangerously thin. As a result, the ideal has changed—girls and women have gradually been taught that they should be unsatisfied with their bodies’ natural shapes, health or reality be damned.

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