Stress management: who to consult and why?

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It is common to feel stressed when personal or professional relationships are strained or when pressure at the office becomes too much. On the other hand, it is not normal to feel stressed all the time. Continuous stress has a particularly negative impact on health. Hence the need to know how to manage one’s emotions and, if necessary, to seek help from a mental health professional. Explanations.

Recognizing the signs of stress

The most common stressors include : hectic work schedules, financial problems, traffic jams, the presence of undesirable people and family obligations (raising children, paying bills, housekeeping, etc.). Stress is most often manifested by a lump in the stomach, palpitations, hot flashes, stuttering, sweaty hands, etc.

Approaching a mental health professional to manage stress

When suffering from stress, one can consult a psychiatrist, psychologist or a Gestalt therapist. Each one has the necessary skills to determine the source of the problem and begin effective treatment to solve it: cognitive-behavioural therapy, mindfulness, etc. The accompaniment of a Gestalt therapist is particularly recommended because he can help his patients to recognize the real causes of their stress and to avoid falling into this state again in the future. The help of a mental health professional in Paris, a city where the demands are particularly numerous, is often necessary to cure stress because without appropriate treatment, this disorder can lead to:
– pain
– eating disorders
– digestive problems
– sleep disorders
– depression…
A consultation with a psychiatrist may be necessary in the event of sub-optimal functioning, who may advise the use of medication.

Some natural anti-stress remedies

In addition to treatment with your specialist, it is advisable to use one or more of these natural techniques to de-stress.

Doing yoga
Yoga helps you to relax physically and mentally. It is a gentle physical activity that involves different relaxation techniques.

Group meditation helps to better manage stress. It improves brain performance and soothes anxious minds.

Practicing apnoea
It is well known that sport is one of the best weapons against stress. Physical exercise is good for the body, the heart and the mind. Regarding stress in particular, apnoea is effective in calming the heartbeat and regulating the level of oxygen in the blood.

Laughter is a 100% natural and free anti-stress remedy! Laughter relieves tension and reduces stress levels. Moreover, the act of laughing generates an immediate feeling of well-being because when we laugh, happiness hormones are released and create a feeling of elation. On the other hand, laughter lowers the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Even forced laughter can relieve stress. Otherwise, all you must do is watch a one-man show by your favourite comedian or a comedy movie to have a good laugh.

Unless you suffer from sleep disturbances that usually accompany stress, it is advisable to sleep to relieve your anxiety. A short nap helps you get your thoughts together and regain the energy you need to deal with the difficulties of everyday life. In case of insomnia, the help of a therapist would also be welcome.

Making love
Sex is an excellent stress reliever. The orgasm conveys a sensation of pleasure and satisfaction at its peak, which instantly reduces stress levels. Again, if you suffer from sexual dysfunction that may be related to your stress, talk to a psychotherapist or sex therapist.

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