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Recurrent headaches or stomach pain, a repeatedly blocked back, eczema, hernia, sciatica, allergy … There are physical pains and diseases that originate from strictly mechanical problems, but others however have a psychological reason. The body then sends back messages that often hide an explanation that is complicated to express verbally. Yet when body aches express loudly what we feel silently, it is time to take care of it!

More frequently than we think, body aches are linked to emotional pain. This is explained in particular by the psychologist Liesbeth Goubert of the University of Ghent, for whom, from her studies on the subject, 90% of the cases of back pain find their origin in psychological factors. Despite this, a majority of people experiencing pain seek medical treatment.

Events that leave traces in the more or less long term

The favourable grounds for these painful manifestations may be complicated examinations, mourning, a separation, a birth, professional difficulties like a dismissal, a change of residence or even an expatriation … During life, everyone is subject to a series of events, sometimes positive, sometimes painful, which will leave in the long term traces in the mind… and thus in the body. The unconscious has no other choice than to make it his hostage. This is the principle of somatisation.

Emotionally upset, the body returns (a) message(s)

It is often difficult to estimate the impact of these situations or events on our psyche. The body, on the other hand, translates these sufferings immediately or with a delay. Faced with this situation, conventional care from healthcare professionals doesn’t have the expected effectiveness. Some drugs will act to calm the pain, but the pain will often remain tenacious. And for good reason, it is much deeper. Emotionally upset, the body returns (a) message(s) as a response, as explained by Salomon Sellam, French physician and essayist: “The disease is an exact transposition in the body of a conscious or unconscious psychological conflict. ”

Putting words on aches to heal

This situation requires a targeted intervention to act on aches through words. Therapy is tantamount of making the latter remedies based upon their power. Whether they are disturbing, tranquilising, comforting, they have the ability to heal our anxieties, our pains. The body is not simply a mechanical “instrument”, it stores our sufferings. It is therefore preferable not to over accumulate them. Sometimes it is nevertheless necessary to combine this reality with the intervention of a specialist such as a physiotherapist or an osteopath who will promote healing.

When the body expresses our silence, the importance of “letting off steam”

These internalised physical sufferings can lead to depression. “Letting off steam” to put words on the latent suffering(s) will allow to move forward. Going in the past, near or far and uncovering hurting or blocking events is a complex process. To enter “into contact” with what is acting in the depths of oneself is not a part of pleasure, but it is at least essential when the mind hurts the body. Thanks to 5 years of studies in psychotherapy and many years of experience, I am able to bring you a quality of listening and understanding when you come and see me for individual therapy or as a couple.

Like the spinal column or different organs in Eastern cultures, certain currents of thought point to the strong link between the regions of the body, the emotions they contain and the psychic messages sent by the unconscious. In order to get rid of pain for which traditional medicine does not suffice, treating the individual as a whole becomes necessary. Once the negative emotions are targeted, admitted and evacuated, the body can stop soliciting you.

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